Korns merchant trade token

Front of Korns trade token

Rear of Korns trade token

I have read that this 5 cent W.H. Korns merchant trade token is supposedly tied to Cherokee County, Iowa in Lewis Ferguson's 1984 book "Iowa Trade Tokens". I don't know if, or how, this W.H. Korns is related to our Somerset County Korns family. If you know, please send a message to me at the e-mail address listed on the home page.

In 2008 I asked William Lester "Bill" Korns (via e-mail) if this token had anything to do with the Korns Warehouse Co. in Salt Lake City, Utah, which Bill's grandfather William Henry Korns founded, and which Bill himself ran after the death of Bill's father J. Roderic Korns. Bill wrote "I do not know if the token was from My Grandfather's business... at least not from the warehouse... He may have been in some business when they were younger and moving westward. He did have a printing business in Wyoming before they came to SLC...This may account for the token. I am not sure about it tho..".

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