Dorothy Saltman

Dorothy Saltman at Allen Korns' Sugar Camp

This photograph is from the album of Mrs. Allen Lester Korns, of Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA. It shows Dorothy Saltman unloading firewood at the Allen Korns sugar camp. The firewood is being unloaded into the woodshed, which was located directly up the hill from the sugar camp. The wood was brought down to the sugar camp on a cart on rails.

According to a conversation that I had with Dolores Korns in Dec. 2007, Dorthy Saltman went to Peru with Mary Mildred (Korns) Jones, as a missionary nurse, but had to come home because she could not tolerate the climate. Dolores also indicates that Mary Mildred (Korns) Jones was the wife of Elias Jones. Mary Mildred Korns was the daughter of Nevin Lewis Korns, and was the grand-daughter of John Wilson Korns. According to my mother Estalene (Nevin's niece), Nevin worked for the railroad, and had something to do with improvements to train air brakes.

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