Road from Lot 3356 to Corriganville

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Road from Michael Korn's military lot 3356 to Corriganville MD

In 1787, Michael Korn was living in Allegany County, Maryland on military lot 3356 of the Deakins Survey. He patented lot 3356 in 1802, and sold it to John Tomlinson in 1812. In 1796 Michael and Jacob Korn bought 200 acres in Pennsylvania from John Tomlinson, near lot 3356, and Michael Korn and Ninian Cockran bought Broadhag's coal bank in Allegany County Maryland. To download high resolution images of the northeast corner of Veatch's 1787 map of Deakin's survey in PDF (1618KB) and JPG (1666KB) format, click here and here, respectively.

The satellite image included above shows a road from lot 3356 down to Corriganville. This road comes turns into Hilltop Avenue in Corriganville. I don't know if this road existed in Michael Korn's day, and I don't know if it is still open to public traffic today. If I recall correctly, the end that opens out onto the state line road in Southampton Township is gated off. I do know that there were many roads in the mountains in horse and buggy days that no longer exist. With horses, it was important to get from point A to point B by the shortest route, even if the shortcut road served very few people. With the advent of the automobile, a few extra miles meant little, and many such shortcut roads fell into disuse.

Satellite images show that in addition to Hilltop Avenue, there is also a leftover road fragment in Corriganville called the Old Wellersburg Road that appears to link up with the road to lot 3356. It would be interesting to see some vintage maps of this area to try to determine how early such roads existed.

L. Dietle
November 30, 2008

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