Charles Korns, son of Michael Korn, Sr.

John M. Korns, son of Charles

According to the the 1949 book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania", both Michael Korn, Sr. and his brother Jacob had sons named Charles, and both sons moved to Ohio. Naturally, this can lead to a certain amount of confusion. I am not a descendant of either man. If you are, you may have more motive than me to accurately distinguish between them, so bear this in mind as you use information on this website. I am not sure which Charles Korns appears in the copy of a page from the 1820 census of Coshocton County, Ohio that Karen Davis sent me.

Page 15 of the Korns book states: "Charles Korns, born 1793, the seventh child of Michael Korns, Sr., married Catherine Uhl, located in Monroe Township, Holmes County, Ohio, in 1815. They were the parents of eleven children."

Page 116 of the Korns book states: "Charles Korns, b. May 29, 1793, married Catherine Uhl, b. March 8,1797, married at Wellersburg, Somerset County, Pa. Located in Holmes County, Ohio, where he lived three miles west of Millersburg, and reared a family of eleven children. Both Charles Korns and Catherine (Uhl) Korns, died in Holmes County." The book lists the couple's children as Susan, Lydia, Lavina, Julia, Catherine Korns, Lucinda, Elizabeth, Charles Korns, Jr., Silas, and Michael.


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