Catherine (Korns)Knieriem/Kemerer, Somerset County, Pennsylvania

According to the 1949 book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania", Michael Korns, Sr's daughter Catherine was born in 1783 and married Jacob Knieriem and had the following children:

There is reportedly a book written on this family that is titled "Genealogy and lineage of the Jacob Kimerer descendants: Kimerer, also known as Kemerer, Kammerer, Kemmerer, Kimerer, Cimerer, and others" by Glenn D. and Edith Terese Spiva Kimerer.

According to the family history book "A Clowes-Swanson Genealogy" by Lois Clowes Witherspoon, M.A., the March 30, 1784 Baptism of Catherine Elizabeth Korn, daughter of Michael and Susanna Korn, with Sponsors Nicholas Kutz and Anna Lisa Bauscher, is on record at the New Bethel (AKA Corner or Rosenthal or Stone) Church, Albany or Greenwich Township, Berks County, PA. Mrs. Witherspoon wrote that she suspects that the Sponsor Anna Lisa Bauscher may be a daughter of the Daniel Bauscher who is suspected of being the father of Susanna, Mrs. Michael Korn, Sr, but I'm not sure what Mrs. Witherspoon's reasoning was on this.

According to the 1998 genealogy book "Pennsylvania Births Berks County 1781-1800" by John T. Humphrey, records from the Zion Lutheran Church (AKA Bethel Church) in Greenwich Township show a May 30, 1784 date for "Catarina Lisabetha Korn", born to Michael and Susanna.

Volume 4 of the book "Berks County Pennsylvania Births 1705-1800" by HP Publishing lists a May 30 1784 date for "Catharina Lisabetha" at the New Bethel (Zion) Lutheran Church in Grimville, born to Michael and Susanna Korn.

Even though the titles of the last two books use the term "Births", one suspects that the dates listed therein might be baptism dates, instead of birth dates.

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