Korns in Allegany County Estate Records


How to access the images
Depending on your internet browser software, the scanned images may not display at an appropriate size for viewing. Some browsers allow you to zoom in and out on scanned images for legibility, while others do not. If a scanned image does not appear legible on your browser, try downloading it to your computer by right-clicking on the image and downloading the file to your computer with a "save picture as" command. This allows you to view the image using alternate software that gives you the ability to zoom in and out. Click here for the same four pages in PDF format.

Estate Info in GIF format:
Jacob and Michael Korn name in 1798 Jacob Beele estate record
Henry Korns in 1813 Welthzheimer estate record
Henry Korns in 1817 Patrick Murdock estate record

Note: The Patrick Murdock estate record may relate to the Patrick Murdoch who bought Peter Devecmon's mill-as mentioned on page 101 of the book "History of Allegany County Maryland". Because of payments not being made, a lawsuit resulted after Murdoch's death.

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