Lepley Lock Springs, Somerset County, Pennsylvania

These gun lock springs were found in a bucket of old Lepley gunsmithing hardware at the Alonzo Lepley estate auction that was held on the Lepley farm in the early 1970's. The small spring at the top is a sear spring, which is mounted on the inside of the lock plate. The middle spring is is evidently from a military musket, based on its large size. Note the decorative end on the middle spring. This indicates that it was a frizzen spring, which is located on the outside of a flintlock lock plate. The lower spring is a mainspring, which is fitted on the inside of the lock plate, and drives the hammer.

The next two photos highlight the sear spring.

The next four photos highlight the musket frizzen spring. Note the screw hole and the projecting pin for affixing the spring to the lock plate.

The next three photos highlight the main spring.

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