Lepley Hand-Forged Sprue Cutter, Somerset County, Pennsylvania

This hand-forged 19th century bullet sprue cutter was found in a bucket of old Lepley gunsmithing hardware at the Alonzo Lepley estate auction in Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA. The old-time gunsmiths typically made most of their own tools, and this spring-loaded tool is an outstanding example of their resourcefulness and ingenuity. By the way, the spring-return action still works! Note the flare on the front handle, to provide more surface area for the user's fingers when applying force. This tool is made of ferrous material, and is 8-3/8" long. it was made by someone with excellent blacksmithing skills, including the knowledge of how to design, manufacture, heat-treat and temper a cantilever spring. This is truly an amazing example of the blacksmithing art.

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