This Southampton Township, Somerset County PA barn was built by John Wilson Korns in 1925, according to the writing on the barn. This barn was lost in a fire in 1942. The fire was started by lightning. This photograph was handed down in the Calvin Bittner family line; Calvin's daughter Gladys married Allen Lester Korns. This barn was built on the site of the earlier Daniel Korns, Jr. barn. According to a 2009 interview with Estalene, daughter of Allen & Gladys Korns, Gladys saw the lightning hit the barn and start the fire. Gladys told her young daughter Estalene not to dare leave the house while an attempt was made to rescue the livestock. The family was able to rescue all of the livestock except for two pigs. They had to keep the livestock at neighboring farms for awhile.

Like most barns in the area that I am familiar with, this barn faces south, and is a banked structure that is built parallel to the hillside. Note the traditional decorative "windows" and the somewhat atypical gambrel roof.

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