Jacob Korns Genealogy Excerpt

The following Korns family genealogy information is excerpted from the uncopyrighted book The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania by Charles Byron Korns, Sr. , M.D.(Berlin Publishing Company, Berlin, Pennsylvania, 1949)

Jacob Korns was a son of Carl Korns.



(Brother of Michael Korns, Sr.)

Jacob Korns and wife Elizabeth, came to Holmes County, Ohio, in 1817, from the state of Maryland. (Note from L. Dietle of Korns.org: Jacob Korns is enumerated on page 22 of the 1820 Berlin Township, Coshocton County, Ohio Federal Census.) They were the parents of several children:...

Charles Korns, born at Cumberland, Md., on April 8, 1794, came to New Philadelphia, Ohio, in 1818. He married Catherine Minnich who was b. Aug. 20, 1802, Bedford County, Pa. She was the eldest daughter of Phillip and Salome Sarah Minnich. The latter was the eldest daughter of John Kinsley, founder of New Philadelphia, Ohio. Charles Korns died Jan. 1872, age 77 years. His wife d. July 31, 1890, age 87 years. Charles Korns and Catherine Minnich Korns were the parents of the following children:

1. Cecelia, 2 Daniel, 3 Drusilla, 4 Henry, 5 Robert, 6 James, 7 Charles F., 8 William, and 9 John. Five of the sons served in the Union Army during the war of the Rebellion.

Daniel was Captain of Companies K and C. He served in the 18th Regiment, O.V.I.

Robert Korns was a 1st Lt. in the 51st Regiment, O.V.I.

Henry Korns served in the 26th Indiana Regiment.

James Korns served in the 16th Ohio Regiment, also a member of the 51st Regiment, O.V.I.

Charles Korns was a member of the 161st Regiment, O.V.I.

Captain Daniel Korns was born in New Philadelphia, Ohio, Aug. 14, 1827. While a young man he was engaged in the coal mining business with his father. He married Margaret McElroy, who was b. Sept. 6, 1827. They were married may 7, 1850. Margaret McElroy was born at Clairsville, Belmont County, Ohio. they had a family of six children: Charles Korns, 9; Harry Korns 7; Anna, 4; died within two weeks with diphtheria. Daniel Korns died at the age of 26. Isaac Korns died at the age of 64. Wilson A. Korns, living, 73 years.

Captain Daniel Korns spent his entire life in New Philadelphia, Ohio, with exception with three and one-half years he spent in the Army. He was a very popular officer. Always kind and considerate to the men under his command. He also servede as Internal Revenue Collector, and was Postmaster of New Philidelphia under President Harrison. He also served as Mayor of New Philadelphia, Ohio, for fourteen years. He was a member of the Military Order ofr the Loyal Legion of the United States. He died Dec. 11, 1901.

Isaac Korns married Esther Finefrock. They had three children: Mary Jane Korns, a student at Wooster College. Joseph Wilson Korns, a student of New Philadelphia High School. Margaret R. Korns, a student in New Philadelphia High School.

Isaac Korns was employed for many years as a postal employee in New Philadelphia, Ohio.

Wilson A. Korns was b. April 6, 1859, in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Following a common school education, he learned the printing trade in the Tuscarawas Advocate Office, the paper was established in 1819. He became City Editor of the paper, at the same time working as a compositor. He also served as a Deputy Postmaster under his father.

On April 5, 1893, he established the New Philadelphia Tribune, a Republican Newspaper. On Jan. 6, 1902, he was appointed by Governor George K. Nash, a member of the Board of Managers of the Ohio State Reformatory located at Mansfield, Ohio, on which board he served for five years.

In May, 1904, he was appointed as Postmaster at New Philadelphia, Ohio, which office he served for nine and one-half years.

He is also a Manager, Editor, and Vice President of the Tuscarawas Publishing Company as well as Editor of the Advocate Tribune, a weekly publication. He is author of the book, "Sermonets".

Wilson A. Korns married Fannie Sargent, daughter of Abraham and Katherine Sargent of New Philadelphia, Ohio, Oct. 31, 1889. They had two sons:

  1. Thomas Eugene Korns, died in infancy.
  2. Daniel I. Korns, a deputy Internal Revenue Collector, Youngstown, Ohio.

Wilson A. Korns and wife are members of the First Presbyterian Church of New Philadelphia. He is a Director and a stockholder of the Tuscarawasa Saving and Loan Company as well as a member of the Masonic bodies of that city.


A wide awake man, full of vim and push, Edwin F. Korns of Newkirk, has filled various public offices of trust and responsibility and is now serving most acceptably as Postmaster of this City. He is likewise proprietor of the Republican News Jornal, the Republican organ of the city and a weekly publication widely known throughout northern Oklahoma. He is a product of Ohio, his birth having occurred June 10, 1852, at New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas County, Ohio, whicdh was the birthplace of his father, Henry Korns.

His paternal grandfather, Charles Korns, was an early settler of that part of Ohio, migrating there from Pennsylvania. The grandfather raised a large family of children in which there were seven sons, namely: Daniel, Robert, James, Henry, Frank, William and John. The family consisted also of three daughters: Cecelia, Drucilla and Harriet. Cecelia was the only one that married and bore children. Henry Korns grew to manhood and married Harriet Watkins, who was of English descent. He enlisted in response to Lincoln's first call for troops during the Civil War. They had one child, the subject of this sketch.

After the death of his father, Edwin F. Korns lived with his paternal grandmother at New Philadelphia, Ohio, where he gleaned his first knowledge of books, attending the city schools. While a mere lad he began to know what it meant to support one's self. He secured work in a printing office where he stayed for four years. Leaving home, Edwin F. Korns went to Indianapolis, Indiana, where he secured a position in a book and job office. He later went to Champaign, Illinois, and worked as a journeyman in the Champaign Union. Migrating from there to Glenwood, Iowa, he secured a position on the Glenwood Opinion, a weekly paper, where he remained until he purchased a weekly paper at Malvern, in the same county.

His next move was to Phillipsburg, Kansas, where he bought the Phillipsburg Herald where he remained for 14 years. Durng that period the appointment of Newspaper men to Postmasterships became somewhat general and President Harrison made Edwin F. Korns the Postmaster of Phillipsburg. In November, 1883, two months after the opening of the Cherokee Strip, Edwin F. Korns located in Kay County and for a year lived a rural life, being in the, to him, novel occupation of farming. farm seemed too prosy a proposition and in 1894 he founded the Kay County News. Two years later the News, the Republican and the Kildare Journal consolidated as a stock company, Mr. Korns holding one-third interest, and the privilege of controlling the policy of the paper. He was appointed Postmaster of Newkirk.

On October 19, 1882, in Osceola, Iowa, Edwin F. Korns married Ida M. Millard who was born in that city, May 3, 1860, a daughter of Rev. A. H. Millard and Achsah (Barstow) Millard, formerly residents of Ohio. Two children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F. Korns namely: Harry M. Korns and Nellie M. Korns.

Harry M. Korns, who has grown up in the Republican News Journal, was educated in the Newkirk High School, the Old Presbyterian Academy, and at Park College in Parkville, Mo.


Note from Korns.org administrator: In a May 2, 2006 e-mail, Anne Montgomery Perry, daughter of Nellie Korns, indicated that the middle name of her grandfather Edwin Korns was "Forrest".


Note from Korns.org administrator: Information on Jacob Korn is given on page 78 of the book "Holmes County Historical Sketches" by the Holmes County Historical Society. Jacob Korn is described as being one of several German mechanics (as opposed to the typical farmers who emmigrated there) who came to the Berlin, Ohio area from Pennsylvania. Jacob Korn is credited with having the first blacksmith shop in the area, and is described as being a "jack-of-all-trades", whose work was in high demand. For example, he made the metal parts for gristmills. Photos from a private collection show cooking utensils made by Jacob Korn. They have long handles so that they can be used for cooking with fire (presumably for cooking at a fireplace).

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