Estate Document, Isaac Harden, Somerset County, PA

The following transcript was provided to courtesy of Margaret Gagliardi. It is a document I have been hoping to find for many years, because it identifies the father of my ancestor Mariah Harden, who married Peter Miller. According to the book "Genealogy of the Relatives of William J. Miller", Peter Miller was born March 10, 1808, and was the son of David Miller and Fraina Livengood, who were married on Jan. 5, 1802. The core text of the aforementioned book was originally written circa 1874 to 1899, but was added to later for its 1963 publication.


Somerset County, Pennsylvania
Estate of Isaac Harden
No. 23, 1848

Writ of Partition or Valuation of ISAAC HARDEN, Dec'd
Nov 27 1848 Inquisition Confirmed & Ruled

Somerset County SS. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

To the Sheriff of Somerset County.
Greetings: Whereas at an adjourned Orphans Court held at Somerset on the 11th day of Sept A.D. 1848 Before the Honorable the Judges thereof The Petition of GEORGE HARDIN eldest son and heir at law of ISAAC HARDIN dec'd Presented his Petition to the said Judges Stating: That your petitioners father lately died intestate laving a widow and issue ten children to wit your Petitioner, JOHN HARDIN, ELIZA wife of JOHN COOK, ELEANOR wife of WILLIAM DeHAVEN, MARIA wife of PETER MILLER, LYDIA (dec'd) wife of PETER TROUTMAN, MARY (dec'd) wife of JOSPEH CRITCHFIELD, HANNA (dead) wife of JESSE TOMLINSON, NATHAN HARDIN, RACHEL wife of JAMES DEVORE. And that the intestate died seized in his demesne as offered, of and in certain messuage &c as follows Viz:
No. 1 Tract of 161 ("161" is a corrrction by LLD 12-13-2009) acres of land about 100 acres unto house & log Barn an apple orchard Situate in Southampton Twp adjoining lands of J. F. COX , JACOB WITTs Heirs and PETER TROUTMAN.
No. 2 One House and lot [?] No. 1 on the plan of the town of Wellersburg two Story frame house [?] Smoke house &c 66 feet on Main street bounded by the Church lands on the west, JOHN R. BRINHAM on the east.
No. 3 One house lot No. 5 of said plan on the North side of the Turnpike road fronting on said road 66 feet bounded by lot of GEORGE WINTER on the west & alley on the east [?] Story & a half frame house, Stable &c.
No. 4 On house & lot No. 29 of said plan fronting Turnpike road 66 feet bounded by alley on West _ on the east fronting on high street twenty five feet [?] on which is a 2 story frame house &c.
No. 5 One House & lot No. 33 of said plan fronting on turnpike and 66 feet adjoining water alley on the west lot No. 34 on the east fronting on high street 66 feet on the North one story house& Blacksmith shop.
No. 6 One house & lot containing one half acres more or less Known as the 'Old Gate House' on which is erected a one story frame house (said lot is not numbered)
Your petitioner therefore prays your honors to award an inquest to make Partition of the premises aforesaid to and among the children and representatives of the said intestate in said manor and in such proportions as by the law of this Commonwealth is directed of such partition can be made without prejudice to or spoiling the whole. But if such partition cannot be made thereof as aforesaid, to value and appraise the same according to law. Whereupon the Court awarded an inquest agreeably _ prayer of the Petitioner. We therefore command you that taking with you, twelve free, honest and lawful men of your bailiwick, you go to and upon the premises aforesaid, and there by their oaths or solemn affirmation, that you make Partition thereof, to and among the widow and children of the said intestate, in such manner and in such proportions as by law of this Commonwealth is directed if such Partition can be made without prejudice to and spoiling of the whole; but is such Partition cannot be made thereof, as aforesaid, that then you value and appraise the same according to law. And further, that you cause the said Inquest to enquire and ascertain whether the said Real Estate with the appurtenances will conveniently accommodate more than one of the children of the said intestate; and if so, how many of the said children it will conveniently accommodate; that due notice of the time of making such Partition or Valuation be given to all the parties interested, and that you make return of your proceedings herein to the next general Orphans' court, to be held at Somerset on the 4 Monday in November in the year o four Lord eighteen hundred and forty Eight. And have you then there this writ. Witness the Honorable JEREMIAH S.? BLACK Esquire, at Somerset, the 11th day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty eight. WILIAM H. PICKNEY, Clerk
GEORGE HARDIN, residing in Allegheny County, Maryland
JOHN HARDIN, residing in Allen County, Ohio
ELIZA wife of JOHN COOK residing in Bedford County, Penna
ELEANOR wife of WM DeHAVEN residing in Somerset County, Penna
MARIA wife of PETER MILLER residing in Somerset County, Penna
LYDIA (dec'd) wife of PETER TROUTMAN residing in Somerset County, Penna
MARY (ded'd) wife of JOSEPH CRICHFIELD residing in Knox County, Ohio
HANNA (dec'd) wife of JESSE TOMLINSON residing near Indianapolis, Ia (Indiana? But definitely says 'Ia")
NATHAN HARDIN residing in Knox County, Ohio
RACHEL wife of JAMES DEVORE residing not known

Inquisition indented and taken at the late dwelling house of ISAAC HARDEN Dec'd in the Township of Southampton County of Somerset State of Pennsylvania on the twenty Seventh day of October 1848 before SAMUEL GRIFFITH Deputy Sheriff of the Said County of Somerset by virtue of a writ of partition or valuation to him directed and to this inquisition annexed by the Oaths and affirmation of JOHN L. WITT, JOHN LONG, JOHN REIBER, JOHN BALL, JOHN FEINER, JACOB COOK JR, JEREMIAH WEINGERT, V. LEFLEY, JOHN STURTZ, W. B. CUMMINS?, JACOB KORNS, DANIEL KORNS Twelve free hones and Lawful men of his Bailiwick who on their oaths & affirmation aforesaid respectfully do say the day & year aforesaid they went to and upon the lands & Tenements of which ISAAC HARDEN in the said writ mentioned died seized and then and there did find that the lands and Tenements Could not be partied & divided to and among the widow & all the children in the said writ named without prejudices to or spoiling of the whole thereof therefore the inquest aforesaid did value & appraise:
No. 1 -- home place at and for twenty Eight Dollars & ninety Cents per acre
No. 2 -- House & Lot in town of Wellersburgh at & for the sum of $707.10
No. 3 -- A house & Lot No. 5 on plat of said Town $545.10
No. 4 -- A house & Lot No. 29 on plat of Said Town $343.09
No. 5 -- A house & Lot no. 33 on plat of said Town $306.03
No. 6 -- House & Lot Known as the Old Gate House $214.07
And the inquest aforesaid do find that the Lands and tenements with the Appurtenances in the Said writ mentioned will conveniently accommodate.
And no more of the children of the said dec'd in Testimony were of as well the said Sheriff as the inquest aforesaid have to their inquisition. Set their hands & seals on the day &c year above written.


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