A 1759 reference to an unknown gunsmith at Fort Bedford

A November 13, 1759 letter Ourry wrote to Bouquet from Fort Bedford includes the following text, which indicates there was already a gunsmith at Fort Bedford at a time before John Fraser commenced working at his trade at Fort Bedford: "All the Artificers, except three Smiths, & as many Wheelwrights, & one Saddler, and some Carpenters have been discharg'd Some time. I have wrote to Mr Blythe to send me the Saddler from fort Cumberland that I may discharge the two together. This week I shall dismiss the Carpenters except two, having compleated all the Stores, & Granaries, & finish'd the necessary House & put the Guns under Cover, and perfected my Waggon-Bridge. I have also a Stock of Boards, seasoning against they may be wanted. In a little time we may discharge the Blacksmiths also, as I have set up a Smith, who is now at Work for himself in the Gunsmiths new House. And Frazer has built himself a Shop, intending to Work at his Trade. ..."

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