Dormayer school, percussion "smooth rifle"

The long-barreled full stock percussion muzzleloader in the following photo was described to me as a "Dormayer buck and ball rifle". Based on that description, the more common name would be "smooth rifle"; i.e. a smoothbore with rifle characteristics. I hope to obtain clearer photos of this attractively-proportioned antique firearm some day. Despite the blurriness of this photo, a few observations can be made. The style of the buttstock is consistent with the Dormayer school of gunsmithing (Somerset County, Pennsylvania). The round tail percussion lock is fitted with a high spur Bedford County-style hammer. The gun appears to have a single trigger that is mounted in a trigger guard that has a bow length that was designed to accomodate a double set trigger arrangement.
A right-hand view of a Pennsylvania muzzle loading smooth rifle.

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