William Paul

Calvin Hetrick's 1947 list of Bedford County gunsmiths in the January 23, 1947 issue of the "Bedford Gazette" newspaper includes William Paul as "location unknown".

The 1953 edition of the book "American Gun Makers" lists William Paul as a Bedford County, Pennsylvania gunsmith. Calvin Hetrick provided information for that book.

William Paul does not appear in Calvin Hetrick's illustrated booklet "The Bedford County Rifle and Its Makers".

Kaufman's 1960 book "The Pennsylvania-Kentucky Rifle" indicates that William Paul appears on the 1852 tax list of Summerhill Township in Cambria County, Pennsylvania.

I didn't find William Paul in a transcript of the 1840 census of Cambria County or Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

Sellers' 2008 book "American Gunsmiths" puts William Paul in Bedford (presumably meaning Bedford County) in 1845, and identifies his source as Kaufman. The entry for William Paul in my copy of Kaufman's 1960 book "The Pennsylvania-Kentucky Rifle" does not reference William Paul being in Bedford County in 1845.

Neither the 1983 Whisker booklet nor the 1991, 2001, or 2017 Whisker books mention William Paul as a Bedford County gunsmith.

I get the impression that Calvin Hetrick originally believed that William Paul worked in Bedford County and later changed his mind.

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