A percussion rifle by Tobias Snider of Bedford County, Pennsylvania

The photos on this page document a full stock percussion rifle that was made by the Bedford County, Pennsylvania gunsmith Tobias Snider. This rifle is featured on page 143 of the 2001 book "Gunsmiths of Bedford, Fulton, Huntingdon, & Somerset Counties" by Whisker & Yantz.

The following image shows the right-hand side of the buttstock, wrist, and lock panel regions of the Tobias Snider muzzle loader.

The following image shows the nicely engraved patch box, and a heart-shaped wrist inlay. Unlike most patch boxes, the hinge on this one is internal, for improved aesthetics. The general finial style of this patch box was used occasionally by a number of gunsmiths in the region.

The following image shows the engraved forearm wear plate and two engraved forearm inlays on the Tobias Snider muzzleloader.

The following image shows the left-hand side of the buttstock and wrist of this unique Pennsylvania long rifle. Eleven engraved silver inlays are visible, including a cheekpiece inlay with an eagle motif.

The following image shows the pointed tang, which is retained with two screws.

The following photo shows the nicely engraved lock bolt plate, and a forearm inlay. Click here to see a rifle by Tobias Snider's brother Jacob Snider that has a similarly engraved lock bolt plate.

The following image provides an enlarged view of some of the inlays on the cheekpiece side of the buttstock.

The following image shows the Tobias Snider barrel signature.

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