Lepley percussion rifle

The farm of the Lepley gunsmiths was next door to my grandfather's Somerset County farm (where my great-grandfather and great-great grandfather had also lived). I have been trying to find photos of a Somerset County Lepley rifle to publish on this website for over twenty years. As far as I can tell, no photo of a Lepley rifle has ever been published before today.

The rifle shown below is .30 caliber with a 38-inch barrel. It has a typical Somerset - Bedford style buttstock profile. It is not marked "Lepley", but it is known to be a Lepley rifle because it has been handed down in the Lepley family for generations. To see the tools and gun parts left over from the gunsmithing operation, and to see Lepley biographical information, click here.

The hole and adjacent projecting pin in the lock plate are from replacement of the main spring. The spur of the percussion hammer has the forward curve that is common to rifles in nearby Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

Lannie Dietle, February 16, 2020

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