John White I

The 1983 booklet "Gunsmiths and Gunmakers of Bedford and Somerset Counties Pennsylvania 1770-1900" includes John White of Turkey Foot Township a a gunsmith, but in my opinion, this appears to be speculation and wishful thinking. The authors of the 1983 booklet do not include this individual in their 1991 book "Gunsmiths of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties".

Since there is was more than one gunsmith named John White, I have referred to this individual as John White I.

1776-1779: The 1983 booklet puts John White in Turkeyfoot Township from 1776 to 1779. A John White does appear in the 1776 and 1779 tax assessment lists of Turkeyfoot Township (See Cassady's 1932 book, "The Somerset County Outline").

1780: The 1983 booklet indicates that a John White received a payment from Virginia for repairing and cleaning guns in 1780. This is reported in the 1974 book "The Gunsmith in Colonial Virginia" as being recorded in Receipt Book 32 of the Virginia Treasurer's Office. I just can't see how this information automatically connects to the John White of Turkeyfoot Township.

1794: The 1983 booklet indicates that John White had a land warrant in Bedford County in 1794. John White's warrant was from February 10, 1794 and the property was surveyed on March 11, 1846 in what is now Addison Township:

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