Jacob G. Briggle, Bedford County, Pennsylvania gunsmith (Jacob Briggle II)

The 2001 book "Gunsmiths of Bedford, Fulton, Huntington, & Somerset Counties" by Whisker and Yantz indicates that there were two gunsmiths named Jacob Briggle in Bedford County -- one the nephew of the other -- and refers to them as Jacob Briggle I & II. The book also reports that Jacob Briggle II moved from Bedford County, Pennsylvania to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but soon moved to somewhere near Carthage, Missouri. An individual who appears to be Jacob Briggle I died on June 26, 1881 and is buried at the Pee Dee Cemetery (41.6699982, -91.2142029) in Cedar County, Iowa, which is about 38-miles from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The apparent presence of Jacob Briggle I in Iowa may be why Jacob Briggle II temporarily moved there.

1831: According to his tombstone, Jacob G. Briggle was born on September 16, 1831. According to the 2017 book "Gunsmiths of Bedford County, Pennsylvania", Anna Mary Briggle was the mother of Jacob Briggle II.

1832: The 2001 book states that Jacob G. Briggle was the son of Christian Briggle, who was an 1832 immigrant from Bavaria and a brother to the gunsmith Jacob Briggle I.

1835: According to the 2001 book, Christian was living in Queen in Bedford County by 1835.

The 2001 book states that a lock was observed with the initials "T.O. / J.G.B", suggesting an apprenticeship with Thomas Oldham.

1850: Christian Briggle is enumerated in the 1850 federal census of Union Township, Bedford Coutny as a 50-something year old Pennsylvania-born individual valued at $1,200.00. Living in his household are 45-year-old Pennsylvania-born Ann Mary Bigle, 19-year-old Jacob Briggle, 17-year-old Adam Briggle, 12-year-old Elizabeth Briggle, and 7-year-old John Briggle.

1854: According to the 2001 book, Reverend Jeremiah Heller officiated at Jacob's marriage to Sophia Burkett on March 21, 1854.

1860: The 1953 edition of Gluckman's "American Gun Makers" puts Jacob Breigle in Union Township of Bedford County around 1860.

1860: According to Kauffman's 1960 book "The Pennsylvania - Kentucky Rifle", Jacob Breigle is identified as a gunsmith on the 1860 tax list of Union Township, Bedford County and made an excellent full-stocked double-barreled gun, but the rest of his known guns are only average in quality.

1860: In his book "The Bedford County Rifle and its Makers", Calvin Hetrick describes Jacob G. Breigle as operating in Union Township in 1860, and mentions a double rifle made by Breigle that has 26 engraved inlays that are made of silver.

1861: The following portion of the 1861 Walker map shows the residence of "J. Breigel" in Union Township.

1862-1863: Jacob G. Briggle served in Company E of the 138th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, as shown by this excerpt from the 1884 book "History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania":

1862: According to the 2001 book, when Jacob G. Briggle joined the 138th Regiment on August 7, 1862, he was identified as a gunsmith on his enlistment papers, which said he was five-foot and 11-inches tall with a fair complexion, sandy hair, and hazel-colored eyes.

1863: According to the 2001 book, Jacob G. Briggle was discharged from the army at Philadelphia on December 19, 1863 due to inflammation and congestion of the lungs, and was convalescing for 18 months.

1881: According to the 2017 book "Gunsmiths of Bedford County, Pennsylvania", Christian Briggle, father of Jacob Briggle II, died in 1881.

1895: Jacob G. Briggle died on November 21, 1895 at age 64, and is buried with his Bedford County-born wife Sophia at the Dudenville Cemetery (37.3091200, -94.0826700) in Dade County, Missouri, about 21 road-miles from Carthage, and about 15.5 miles in a straight line. Jacob and Sophia's shared tombstone states "Jacob G. Briggle Sept. 16, 1831, Nov. 21, 1895. Sophia Briggle Feb. 3, 1833, Jan. 22, 1911." This corrects the date of death given in the 2001 book.

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