Mier full stock percussion rifle

The photos below were taken in Somerset County, Pennsylvania and show a full stock percussion rifle that was made by a Mier of Somerset County (see barrel engraving). I cautiously interpret the barrel signature as "J. Mier", however the initial of the first name is difficult to interpret. This rifle was most likely made by Jacob Mier (rather than John), and has a commercial lock. Even though the lock is commercial, the forward face of the hammer spur is concave, which is the way classic gunsmith-made Bedford County hammer spurs are shaped. The gracefully shaped buttstock has no comb. Instead, the top edge of the buttstock blends smoothly into the wrist. The narrow top to bottom depth of the buttstock seems to dictate a narrow patchbox. Based on the poor engraving and rough shape of the cheek piece medallion, the medallion was probably not made by Mier.

This rifle is featured on page 300 of Kauffman's 1960 book "The Pennsylvania-Kentucky Rifle".

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