A muzzle loading rifle with Monroe and Elias Knupp markings

This web page features a muzzle loading rifle that has a barrel with an Elias Knupp signature and a lock with a Charles Monroe Knupp signature. Elias Knupp (1838-1917) was an uncle of Charles Monroe Knupp (1863-1937). The rifle could represent a collaboration between the two gunsmiths, or it could represent a component purchase by one from the other, or it could represent a barrel purchase from the estate of Elias Knupp after his death. Regardless of how the rifle came to be, it is a Knupp rifle that was partly made by Elias and partly made by Monroe.

In the following photo, the upper rifle has the Elias Knupp barrel and the Charles Monroe Knupp lock, and the lower rifle is a Charles Monroe Knupp rifle. (Click here for a better photo of the Charles Monroe Knupp rifle.) The upper rifle has an adjustable rear sight. On both rifles, the shape of the lock plate, the shape of the buttstock, and the wrist carving resemble the work of Jonathan Dormayer, who was another gunsmithing uncle of Charles Monroe Knupp, and a brother-in-law of Elias Knupp. According to the 1860 census, Elias Knupp served an apprenticeship with Jonathan Dormayer.

The following photo shows the Elias Knupp signature on the barrel.

The following photo shows the initials of Charles Monroe Knupp on the lock.

The following photo, although fuzzy, provides a length comparison between the Charles Monroe Knupp rifle and the rifle that has a Charles Monroe Knupp lock and an Elias Knupp barrel.

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