Deusch: Berlin powder horn maker

As an accoutrement maker, Mr. Deusch of Berlin, Pennsylvania falls within the scope of this project.

The 1977 book "The Berlin area 1777-1977" reports that after the War of 1812, the building then known as the "Barracks" in Berlin, Pennsylvania was where a German man whose surname was Deusch made powder horns. The book states that the "Barracks" stood at the location occupied by the National Bank of Western Pennsylvania. That would be 534 Main Street, Berlin, Pennsylvania (39.920498015944496, -78.95746456944029).

An article titled "Reminiscences by Henry J. Young twenty-four years ago, continued" in the August 10, 1894 issue of the "Somerset Standard" newspaper states, "The property where George Reidt has his turning factory was owned by Adam Miller and was taken and used as a barrack and headquarters for the whiskey boys when they were in Berlin."

A reference to the building at Berlin, Pennsylvania that was used as barracks and headquarters for soldiers during the Whiskey Rebellion.

The 1977 book says the "Barracks" was supposedly built in 1795, and was also used for the manufacture of chairs. The following image from the 1860 Walker map of Somerset County illustrates the "Barracks" when the building was being used as a chair shop.

I did not find Mr. Deusch in transcripts of the 1800 or 1810 censuses of Somerset County, Pennsylvania. I also did not find Mr. Deusch in the Berlin or Brothersvalley Township portions of the 1800, 1810, 1820, or 1860 manuscript census records of Somerset County.

There is a William Deutch in the 30 and under 40 age category in the Berlin Township portion of the manuscript 1840 census records of Somerset County, Pennsylvania. I do not know if William Deutch is the referenced powder horn manufacturer, but this household of one is listed with one individual in the manufacturing and trade category.

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