Defibaugh rifling bench & misc. Defibaugh items

The photos on this page show a collection of Defibaugh gunsmith-related items that were purchased in 2013, and are included here by permission. A letter is included at the bottom of this page that was provided by the seller, and explains the provenance of the items. The first item that is highlighted is a rifling bench that is attributed to William Defibaugh, Sr. and is said to have also been used by his son David Defibaugh.

The following photo shows a framed picture of David and Milton Defibaugh in their youth, with one holding a full stock long arm and the other holding a small pistol. A cane made by Milton Defibaugh is positioned on the right side of the framed picture. The 2006 book "Bedford and its Neighbors" includes a very clear copy of the same picture, and indicates that Milton is on the left. The individual who purchased the items in August of 2013 wrote in November of 2013 that David is on the left in the picture (see below). I think David is on the left because the individual on the left looks older in the 2006 book, and David was nearly nine years older than Milton. I think the picture is printed backwards because the pistol is held in the left hand, the rifle is held backwards, and (in the 2006 book) one can see that the lock and cap lock are on the left-hand side of the rifle. Furthermore, I have seen a portion of this photo printed mirror image, with the individual in the tall hat labeled "David Defibaugh" using an adhesive note.

The following letter about the items shown on this web page was provided by family historian William Defibaugh when the items were purchased in 2013.

The following description of the photos was written by the new owner of the items in November of 2013, a few months after obtaining the items.

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