A full stock percussion rifle by Daniel Benjamin Troutman

The photos below show a signed antique percussion full stock rifle that was made by the gunsmith Daniel Benjamin Troutman (1822-1891), who was a son of Benjamin Franklin Troutman. Daniel was a gunmaker in Somerset and Bedford Counties, Pennsylvania before moving to Ottawa, Franklin County, Kansas.

I hope to to obtain additional photographs of this rifle so that other details can be shown.

The first photo, immediately below, shows the attractively-engraved patch box, which has the Q-shaped finial that is so prevalent in the region. The patch box has five piercings, and four are elliptic instead of the typical "D" shape. A rifle by Daniel B. Troutman with a nearly (but not quite) identical patch box is featured on page 142 of the Whiskers' 1991 book "Gunsmiths of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties".

From the limited portion of the buttstock that is visible in this photo, its profile seems to be similar to that of typical rifles by Jonathan Dormayer, the rifle attributed to John Altfather, and at least two of the rifles produced by Samuel Mier. This opinion may change if I am able to obtain and examine more complete photos of the gun. Click here to see the profile of a buttstock on a Jonathan Dormayer rifle. Click here and here to see the similar profiles of the buttstocks on two Samuel Mier rifles.
This shows the patch box on a muzzleloader built by Daniel Benjamin Troutman, a son of the Somerset County, Pennsylvania gunsmith Benjamin Franklin Troutman.

The next photo shows the nicely executed barrel signature on the D.B. Troutman muzzleloader.
This is the barrel signature on a rifle that the gunsmith Daniel Benjamin Troutman built.

This Somerset and Bedford County, Pennsylvania gunsmith project is intended to be a collaborative effort with gun collectors, historians, genealogists, etc. who may have information or photos to share.

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