Percussion rifle by Bedford County gunsmith Daniel Border

The photos on this page are converted from old slides using a cell phone and a fixture made from a cardboard box and a flower pot. They show a percussion rifle by the Bedford County, Pennsylvania gunsmith Daniel Border, including the workings of the percussion lock.

The rat tail lock has a graceful Bedford County-style hammer and a fence behind the percussion drum location.

Scuffing on the inside of the lock plate shows the range of motion of the spring.

The next photo shows the rifle has a set trigger, but no patch box.

The next photo shows that the buttstock has no carving.

The next photo shows the shape of the lock bolt plate.

One of the buttplate screws is located unusually far forward.

The toe plate is retained by six screws.

The lighting on this lock photo is different than the photo included above, showing more detail in some areas.

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