Looking for Benjamin Vore's farm on old Breastworks Road

The 2001 book "Gunsmiths of Bedford, Fulton, Huntingdon, & Somerset Counties" indicates that sometime after marriage, the gunsmith Benjamin Vore procured a farm near New Baltimore, on the old Breastworks Road. This webpage documents a search for that farm.

Regardless of when Benjamin Vore moved onto old Breastworks Road, you would think the residence would be illustrated under somebody's name on the 1960 Walker map or in the 1876 "County Atlas of Somerset Pennsylvania". In the following excerpt from the 1860 Walker map, Moserburg is what eventually became known as New Baltimore. The map shows very few residences along BreastWorks Run, and the Manges and Statler residences are a long way from Moserburg. The most likely candidate residences seem to be those near the mouth of Breastwork Run, closest to Moserburg.

The road heading north from Moserburg on the 1860 map can't be what the authors were calling the old Breastworks Road, because it follows a different stream, and there is a significant ridge between that road and Breastworks Run. These old maps don't show all of the trails that people then lived along that eventually turned into roads, or fell out of use.

The following excerpt is from the 1876 "County Atlas of Somerset, Pennsylvania". Again, no road is shown along Breastworks Run, but there must have been a trail because a few residences are shown along the run. The truth of the matter is that there are very few good places for farms along Breastworks run due to terrain, even though horses could work steeper terrain back then than tractors can now.

In the following excerpt from a 1929 topographical map, there is a road along Breastworks run. I added an arrow to identify the only spot that is located up the run a little ways and yet still near New Baltimore that seems like it might be suitable for a small farm. This site does not show up as being a farm on the 1860 and 1876 maps shown above. I believe that by the time of this 1929 map, many small mountain farms were being abandoned due to competition from farms out west. As you can see from this topographical map, the two residences near the mouth of the run are on relatively flat land that may have been suitable for farming. Since they also appear on the 1860 map, they seem to be the best candidates to have once been Benjamin Vore's farm. Deed searches would be necessary to confirm this educated guess.

The following excerpt from a 1914 topographical map shows the terrain the rest of the way up Breastwork Run, and shows that there was only a trail along the run at that time. It also shows that there were no more suitable locations for farms along the run until you get to the Manges residences that are shown on the 1860 Walker map above.

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