English language version of Wilhelm Troutman's will

(Courtesy of Diane Kelly Weintraub)


In the Name of God Amen

Whereas I William Troutman of Greenwich Township in the County of Berks and State of Pennsylvania Yeoman find myself very sick and weak in Body but of sound mind understanding and memory, thanks be to God therefor, and having taken in consideration the mortality of my Body and do on this eighteenth day of January in the Year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety make publish and ordain, this my last Will and Testament, but before all I recommend my Soul in the Hands of Almighty God who gave it, and order that after my decease my Body shall be Buried in a Christian and decent manner, and what is concerning my Worldly Estate, I make the whole over of it in the following manner, as namely for the first I give and bequeath to my beloved Wife Elizsabeth my Bed with the Bedstead and all what is thereto belonging, as also her Chest, with all therein belonging to her, as also a fresh-milking Cow together with the Calf, to be given her yearly during life, and to take the other back, also two sheep together with the Wool and also with two lambs and to Fodder the Cow with the Sheep in Winter so that there be no complaint, and in Summer in pasture where the possessor of my Plantation his go, without any hindrance whoever it may be after my decease, and further from my Household Furniture the following articles, as one small biling kettle together with the lid, one cast metal pan, one sauce pan, one pewter bason, the choise, one pewter dish, the choise, the pewter quart, three pewter plates, six pewter spoons, three Iron Ladles, one Iron Flesh fork, one Cedar Bucket, one dipping pole, one Wash Tubb, the Churn, one three gallon Keg, one Dung hook, one Dung fork, one good Indian Corn Hoe, the Spade, one Chair the choise, her Spinning Wheel, one Reel, Starks Prayer Book, her Hymn Book, two pair Cups and Saucers, the Teapot, two Kingdomes of Bees together with the Houses they dwell in, and I order for my beloved Wife Elisabeth one House with a good Covering, and a Stove in it to live on my Plantation, and a Garden adjoining the House and necessary Dung yearly and every year to be hawled into the Garden, during her life, further firewood to be hawled to her House, as much she may have need of, cut small fit for use, further I order for my beloved Wife Elisabeth ___ ____ _____ of Life that there shall be given unto her _____ _____every year during her life from the possessor of my Plantation after my decease, namely these articles, Twelve Bushels of good Rye, six Bushels of good Wheat, Ten Bushels of good Buckwheat, two Bushels of good Indian Corn, and the grain to be carried to Mill and the Meal thereof again to her habitation, as she shall use the same, further one hundred pounds of Fresh Pork, one Hog that shall weigh so much without the Lard & pluck in the Hog and twenty five pounds good Beeff, one Bushel fine salt, one quarter pound of pepper, one quarter pound alspice, one gallon Rum, six gallons Vinegar, Eight Bushels Potatoes, two pair new shoes and to have them mended, further twelve pounds Halcheled Flax and twelve pounds Flaxen _____, one Barrel Cyder, and Apples for dried apples as many she wants, and to bury in the Earth for her as many she has need of during life as long as she lives, she also shall keep for her self the money if any shall remain _____ _____shall be of the necessaries of Life as Salt, _____, Lard, in short what there is of the necessaries of Life, also the grain that shall be left until Harvest, to have in the Mill after my decease, now all these articles as are mentioned, belong to my beloved House Wife forever, and this she may bequeath to whom she will, excepting the necessaries of Life together with the dwelling, reverts after her death to him that thereafter shall dwell on my Plantation, also my wife Elisabeth shall have a free priviledge on my Plantation to _____ and _____. Now all articles which I have bequeathed to my beloved Wife Elisabeth, they shall be kept and performed truly and unrevokable, from him that after my death shall dwell on my Plantation, and if my Wife Elisabeth can not or will not live on my plantation, and would remove to her children, so she shall not be hinderd, is do this according to her pleasure, and her Rent charge, shall be performed, as if she was to live on my plantation, except no Wood shall be allowed her, and the other Articles she must fetch or cause to be fetch'd, or to agree with her for money and I also do appoint and nominate my two sons namely John Trautman & William Troutman, as Guardians and Executors as concerning the premises, and to execute this, and that they shall have a right after my Death to sell this my Plantation together with the moveable Estate, what shall be left, unto the highest Bidder, and shall all be shared in equal shares, amongst my five Children as namely Peter Troutman, this shall have three pounds before hand, for his first right because he is my Eldest Son & then to my Son John Troutman, and then to my son in Law Jacob Klosz, in right of his Wife Catherina, also to my Son William Troutman, also to my Son Philip Troutman, also I do authorize my two sons, namely John and William Troutman whom I have appointed as Guardians and Executors, that they shall be the only, to give to the purchaser of my Plantation whoever it may be a Lawful Deed and to sign seal and deliver the same namely for my Plantation to the Purchaser and I desire, that all may be done kept and executed according to the true intent and meaning hereof, and I do hereby declare Ratify and Confirm this and no other to be my last Will and Testament. In Witness and Confirmation thereof I hereunto Set my Hand & Seal, on the day & year as above mentioned.

Signed Sealed Published & declared from the mentioned William Troutman Last Will & Testament in the presence of us the Subscribers David Dressler Conrad Bauer Benedict Neidlinger

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