Benjamin Troutman, Somerset County percussion rifle

The following images show an antique percussion rifle that was made by the Somerset County, Pennsylvania gunsmith Benjamin Franklin Troutman (1780-1856).

The following photo shows the lock and trigger area of the Troutman muzzle loading gun. The initials engraved on the lock match the style of letters Benjamin Troutman used. Benjamin lived close to Bedford County, in far eastern Somerset County. The hammer spur curves in the direction and style of the celebrated Bedford County percussion hammers. The lock panel of the stock has the streamlined, tapering design common to the Bedford School of gunsmithing.
This photo shows the lock and trigger area of a percussion long rifle made by Benjamin Troutman, a gun maker who worked in Southampton Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

This is a photograph of the attractive lock bolt plate and associated stock panel of the Troutman rifle. The lock bolt plate has four screws, which is a bit unusual.
This is a photograph of the lock bolt plate area of an antique black powder muzzle loading rifle that was made by Somerset County, Pennsylvania gunsmith Benjamin Troutman."

The next photo shows a portion of the right side of the buttstock, which features a skillfully engraved patch box with five piercings and the "Q" final that is very common in Bedford and Somerset counties. One unusual feature of the finial is the tail stroke extends to the interior of the "Q". Note the incised wave carving along the lower edge of the buttstock. I am told this is a Ben Troutman signature trademark.

This five piercing patch box, with its Q-shaped finial, is mounted on a Pennsylvania long rifle that was crafted by the Somerset County, PA gunmaker Benjamin Franklin Troutman, who worked in Southampton Township

The next photo shows a stamping on the barrel of the Troutman muzzleloader that reads "Reynolds". Reynolds is the name of a recognized barrel maker.
This shows the 'Reynolds

This Somerset and Bedford County, Pennsylvania gunsmith project is intended to be a collaborative effort with gun collectors, historians, genealogists, etc. who may have information or photos to share.

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