Daniel Korns, Sr. & wife Elizabeth (Reiber) Korns

Daniel Korns, Sr. was the  son son of Michael Korns, Sr. and resided in Southampton Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

Daniel Korns, Sr. genealogy material index:

  • 1877 Daniel Korns, Sr. estate settlement document

  • Will of Daniel Korns, Sr., son of Michael (163 KB pdf)

  • Will of Jacob Reiber, Sr., the father-in-law of Daniel Korns, Sr.

  • Daniel Korns, Sr. side of shared tombstone

  • Elizabeth (Reiber) Korns side of shared tombstone

  • Michael Korn (Jr.) & Daniel Korn (Sr.), 1830 census, Southampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA

  • Pages from 1881 book on Joseph Lepley, who married Catherine Korns, daughter of Daniel Korns

  • Traditional birthplace of Daniel Korns, Jr.

  • 1939 aerial photos of Daniel Korn, Sr. 1829 property

  • Daniel Korn sells his 1/12 right to his father's property in 1829, the year before the property was auctioned

  • Daniel Korns, Sr. in the manuscript 1820 census records of Somerset County, PA

  • 1873 newspaper item listing the heirs of Daniel Korns, Sr.

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    Daniel Korns, Sr. family notes:
    According to the 1949 book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania", Daniel Korns, Sr., the eldest son of Michael Korns, Sr., was born Dec. 24, 1782 and died August 26, 1861, and married Elizabeth Reiver, who was born August 23, 1787 and died March 13, 1873. The book also indicates that they had the following children:

    Daniel Korns, Sr. and his wife Elizabeth are buried in the Cook Cemetery in Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA. According to the book "Cemeteries of Somerset Co.", their tombstone markings indicate that Daniel Korns died August 20, 1861 at age 78-8-9, and Elizabeth died March 13, 1873 at age 85-6-20.

    According to the 1991 book "The Reiber Genealogy" by John H. Reiber:

    According to the 1991 book "The Reiber Genealogy" by John H. Reiber, Daniel B. Korns and Elizabeth Reiber had the following children:

    Daniel Korns, Sr. and Jacob Riber are enumerated in the 1817 Triennial Assessment for Southampton Township, Somerset Co., PA that was performed by Jacob Martz.

    Daniel Korns, Sr. apparently had a coal mine on his property, according to a circa 1841 report by Walter R. Johnson.

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