Josiah Joe Bittner and his extended family


This photo, which is from Gladys Bittner's photo album, shows Josiah Joe Bittner, Calvin's father. It's the only photo of him that I have ever seen. The woman in the black dress is Thelma Bittner, daughter of Howard and Lavada Bittner. The photo was taken at Calvin Bittner's Greenville Township, Somerset County, PA farm, according to one of his daughters, who says they moved there in 1938. Forest Miller stayed with Calvin Bittner's family after his mother died.

Calvin's daughter Mildred wrote that the people in the picture, left to right, are "Robert & Ina Hittie, Wilbert in back, Thelma Bittner, Aunt LaVada and Howard Bittner, Mother and I believe she is holding Bobbie Hittie, Grandpa Bittner in the back and Forrest Miller in the front (Forrest lived with our parents for awhile after his Mother died) Calvin Bittner with me in front, Clinton, Allen & Melvin in front.". By "Allen & Melvin", I think she must mean Allen Lester Korns and his son Melvin.

In 2009, in reference to this picture, Mildred wrote "Dad & Mother went to housekeeping on that farm. Dad had a new house built there but in 1938, he purchased a farm in Larimer Twp. (the place where you probably visited them) and Clinton moved into the farm in Greenville Twp. In 1941, the house burnt and Clinton's family lived with us in Larimer Twp. until they built another house which is still standing on that farm. In Dec. 1943, Dad & Mother's home burnt. We lived with Clinton until spring and then moved into the garage below the house which Dad had made into 2 rooms until he could build another home. Dad & Mother lived there the rest of their lives and died in the house they had built.".

Click here to see the listing for the Josiah Bittner family in the 1930 census of Larimer Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

Here, below, are larger copies of the front and back of the same Bittner family photograph.

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