Allen Korns' boyhood .22 cal. rifle, 2005 photograph.

Allen Korns' boyhood .22 cal. rifle, a Stevens Crackshot 26.

Allen Korns' boyhood .22 rifle

These photos show the boyhood rifle of my grandfather Allen Lester Korns ("Pappy") of Southampton Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. It is a Stevens Crackshot 26. Although the action is badly worn, the rifle is still remarkably accurate. According to Lester Korns, Allen kept the rifle hidden under a board in the barn because Allen's father Wilse Korns didn't really like guns. In my opinion it should not be used with anything except low-powered BB and CB caps. When Allen gave the rifle away in his old age, there was a fired cartridge case in the chamber that had the rim blown off due to the looseness of the action.

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