Gladys & Allen Korns in their Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA maple sugar camp.

Gladys & Allen Korns in their sugar camp

This photo shows Allen and Gladys (Bittner) Korns inside the sugar camp on their family farm in Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA. The iron doors are the doors of the fire box, where wood is burned to boil the sugar water in the evaporators into maple syrup. The syrup was also canned in this building, using metal cans with screw-top lids. Look through the back door and see the kitchen area, where a wood burning stove was used for cooking.

According to the 1932 book "Somerset County Outline" by John C. Cassaday, the transition from kettles to evaporators took place about 1858. This transition was not even across Somerset County. My Grandfather Dietle, who farmed in Larimer Township on a smaller scale than the Korns family, was still producing syrup outdoors, in an iron kettle suspended between two posts, in the 1960's.

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