Aerial Photo, Michael Korns, Sr. Family Farm, Somerset PA

Aerial photo of the family farm of the Somerset County, PA pioneer Michael Korn/Korns, Sr. Farm (scale: 1 pixel = 16 meters; i.e. about 17.6 yards).

This USGS aerial photo of the family farm of the Somerset County pioneer Michael Korn/Korns, Sr. was taken on April 27, 1993; the photo is oriented so that north is at the top of the page. The scale is 1 pixel = 16 meters; i.e about 17.6 yards. The Michael Korns farm is located along the top edge of the lighter square region, about one-fourth of the way from the right edge of the lighter square. Note the lines of mountains near the left and right edges of the photo that tend to isolate the region in-between.

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