Michael Korn's Tract No. 2491

The following two images show an official 1904 copy that was made of the plat of the 320 acre tract no. 2497 that was surveyed for Comley Randal in 1767. Michael Korn purchased this tract in 1815 and patented it (recorded 1817). At the time of the 1767 survey, the tract was part of Cumberland County. By the time of Michael Korn's purchase, the tract had become part of Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA. Click here to see the location of this tract relative to other tracts. (plat provided by Don Hammon)



The following map shows the same tract as the plat, but the streams do not match that plat. The "Jennings Run" that is shown is the North Branch of Jennings Run.

The map comparison below identifies key geographical features. This comparison, although not precise, is good enough to prove (to those familiar with the area) that the 320 acre tract included at least part of the "Blubaugh Place" and at least part of the coffin-shaped tract that Michael Korn owned and lived on at the time of his death. Click here to see a deed that conveyed what is now known as the "Blubaugh Place" to Jacob Cook in 1817.

The survey below shows that Michael Korn, Sr. also possessed the 1767 James Milligan tract, which was located immediately north of the Comley Randal survey. The tract was surveyed for Michael Korn's heirs, and part of it was patented to Michael's son Daniel Korn, Sr. The tract is still a Korns farm in 2012, and is owned by David Korns.

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