Lepley Family Cemetery, Somerset County, PA

The 2003 photos indexed below are from the Lepley Family Cemetery, Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA. This Lepley cemetery is on the former Samuel Lepley farm. Click here for a zoomable Google aerial photo of where the cemetery is located (Latitude 39.75433539399369, Longitude -78.82348716259002). Click here for John Getz's list of the Lepley Cemetery burials on another website (John grew up in the area, and went to school with my parents).

Photo of Lepley Cemetery, Somerset County, PA
Tombstone of Adam Lepley
Tombstone of Catharine Lepley, wife of Joseph Lepley
Tombstone of Jacob Lepley
Tombstone of Lydia Lepley
Tombstone of Sarah Lepley
Tombstone of Adam Lepley, Jr. 1821-1903
Tombstone of Daniel Lepley
Tombstone of Valentine Lepley

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