Korns family-related inventions

Several patents by Korns family members are available below in PDF form. The best way to use the PDF files is to download them to your computer. For Windows based computers using Internet Explorer, right click on the desired link to access the drop-down menu, then choose "Save Target As" (On Macintoshes, just click the link). A save box will appear to allow you to pick where the file will be stored.

Clarence C. Korns patents:
For more information on Clarence Clinton Korns, son of Edmund L. & Agnes (Sipe) Korns, see page 176 of the 1949 book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania" (Michael Korns, Jr. Chapter).

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  • US Patent 626,545, Wire Gate, June 6, 1899 (243KB)

  • US Patent 738,205 Switch Throw, Sept. 8, 1903 (170KB)

  • US Patent 784,689, Holding Device for Switch Points or Tongues, March 14, 1905 (116KB)

  • US Patent 812,852 Machine for Forming Sand Cores, February 20, 1906 (233KB)

  • US Patent 826,433, Spring Switch, July 17, 1906 (306KB)

  • US Patent 843,896, Slot Switch, February 12, 1907 (385KB)

  • US Patent 843,897 Adjustable Guard Rail Support, February 12, 1907 (207KB)

  • US Patent 1,013,297, Spring Switch, January 1, 1912 (170 KB)

  • US Patent 1,076,211 Hanger Bracket, October 21, 1913 (621KB)

  • US Patent 1,313,995. Switch Throw, August 26, 1919 (174 KB)

  • US Patent 1,319,652 Conduit Support, October 21, 1919 (330KB)

  • GB Patent 160,686 Improvements in Supports for Conduit Pipes and the Like, March 31, 1921 (178KB)

  • US Patent 1,753,271 Switch Throwing Mechanism, April 8, 1930 (631KB)

  • US Patent 1,820,229 Conduit Support, August 25, 1931 (423KB)


  • Photo of Korns clamp (courtesy of Tim Goan)

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    Lewis F. Korns patents:
    Lewis F. Korns was an inventor who invented a fountain pen in the 1880s. See the "Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr.", Chapter XIV page 228. This is evidentally him, listed as Louis, in the 1909 City Directory of Minneapolis, in which city his father's 1917 affidavit said he was living. Lewis Korns is also the author of the books "The bicycle, its selection, riding and care" and "Thoughts", which are available in PDF format elsewhere on this website.

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  • US Patent 230,706, Fountain Pen, August 3, 1880 (178KB)

  • US Patent 1,462,205 Key Ring and the Like, July 17, 1923 (364KB)

  • US Patent 1,664,748 Indirect Lighting System for Motor Vehicles, April 3, 1928 (865KB)

    Donald W. Korns patents:
    Donald W. Korns is the son of Clarence C. Korns. See the "Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. ..." page 178.

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  • US Patent 2,646,056 Dishwashing Machine (976KB)

  • US Patent 3,228,639 Pipe Clamp (364KB)

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