Picture of the 'Fort Cumberland' books.
A book about the history of Fort Cumberland on Wills Creek.

The Kindle e-book edition of the "Fort Cumberland" book

The "Fort Cumberland" book was written with two objectives in mind. The first objective was to present the history of the environs of the fort before the town of Cumberland, Maryland was established — including settlement activity prior to and during the French and Indian War. The second objective was to expand beyond a Cumberland-centric look at the French and Indian War and examine the causative chain of events from a broader perspective. Click here for an overview of the content of the book.

At $9.99, the Kindle version is by far the most economical way to purchase the book. You don't even need a Kindle device. After you sign up for a Kindle account and purchase the book, you can read "Fort Cumberland" (and all your other Kindle eBook books) on the free Kindle Cloud Reader website using your computer. Alternately, you can install the free Kindle app on your phone, tablet, or computer.

I learned to love Kindle-based books when I was flying frequently. I could take a whole virtual library of history books with me to the airport on one thin, lightweight electronic device. That kept me occupied and entertained while waiting at the airport, and while in flight. Now that I have the Kindle app on my phone, I can also read any of my Kindle books whenever I find myself stuck in the waiting room of a doctor's office or car repair shop. I don't even lose my place when I switch from one device to the other.

I also like the low cost per book, the ability to change font style and size, and the fact that I can search the text to find topics of interest. The ability to quickly find any topic in "Fort Cumberland" and the other Kindle-based history books I have makes me feel like a history genius!

All proceeds from the sale of "Fort Cumberland" benefit the Allegany County Historical Society.

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This shows how the book 'Fort Cumberland' appears using the Kindle app on a cell phone
This is how the "Fort Cumberland" book appears using the Kindle app on a cell phone.

This shows how the book 'Fort Cumberland' appears using the Kindle Cloud Reader website
This is what the "Fort Cumberland" book looks like on the free Kindle Cloud Reader website.

How the Kindle edition of "Fort Cumberland" differs from the print edition
"Fort Cumberland" was my first attempt at producing a Kindle e-book, and it was an interesting challenge due to the size and complexity of the book. One significant change, compared to the 982-page print edition, is that everything is in one volume. Another change is the use of end notes in place of footnotes. To view an end note, click on the bracketed hyperlinked end note number. After viewing an end note, click on its numbered hyperlink to return to your original location in the body text.

Another change was the elimination of the numerous superscripts contained in quoted material. This was done as a format simplification, to help to ensure reliable conversion to the e-book format. One other change is the elimination of chapter numbers. Chapters are hyperlinked in the table of contents.

Lannie Dietle, author of the 'Fort Cumberland' history book.
Lannie Dietle, author of the "Fort Cumberland" history book.

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