Dietle nightstand and flute

When we visited the home of my grandparents Irvin & Alma (Miller) Dietle in Somerset County when I was little, we always stayed in the bedroom of their youngest son, Ralph Dietle, who was nine years older than I am. The first picture below shows the antique cherry nightstand from that room, which I bought at the household auction of Irvin Dietle, Sr. in 1974. When I was little, the flute shown below was always kept in the drawer of the nightstand. I asked Grandma Dietle for it, but she explained that she couldn't, because it belonged to Ralph. Fifty years later, in 2024, I bought the flute and instruction book at Ralph's estate sale, and returned it to the drawer of the nightstand. The back of the book inticates that Ralph got the flute in 1954, when he would have been about ten years old.
Dietle nightstand

Ralph Dietle's flute

Flute lesson book

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