Photos relating to the Roy Emerson Dietle family

My sister Dana (Dietle) Moore took these photos at our uncle Ralph Dietle's house in August, 2021 and forwarded copies to me. The photos relate to our father Roy Emerson Dietle, who was the son of Irvin Henry Dietle of Larimer Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

Lannie Dietle
August 11, 2021

Left to right, this photo shows Irvin Dietle, Sr. and his sons Roy Dietle and Irvin Dietle, Jr. The photo was taken looking generally east-northeast. The building on the left is the chicken coop and the building on the right is the barn.

The next photo is an enlargement from the preceding photo.

The next photo shows a youthful Roy Emerson Dietle posing in a suit. Based on the cow path and the steep hill, I think the photo was taken in the pasture just west of his father's Larimer Township farmhouse. You can see at least one cow path behind Roy.

The next two photos show the 1949 graduation invitation of Roy Dietle.

The next photo shows Roy Emerson Dietle in the early 1950s when he was serving in the Army in Germany during the Korean War.

The next photo shows Roy Dietle baiting a hook to go fishing. Based on the shape of the bank and the barely visible camper trailer, I suspect that this photo was taken at one of Bill Painter's strip mine lakes.

The next photo shows Alma Catherine (Miller) Dietle and her daughter-in-law Estalene (Korns) Dietle at Roy and Estalene's trailer on Millbrook Road in Mercer County. We lived in the trailer at this location briefly, until they could prepare a nearby basement for habitation. We then lived in the basement while Dad (Roy Dietle) built a house on top of the basement.

The next photo shows our Collie "Lady" in front of the trailer. The woods visible the right of the trailer is where Interstate 79 now runs through, just north of the bridge over the interstate on Millbrook Road.

Left to right, this photo includes Lannie Dietle, Alma (Miller) Dietle, Roy Dietle, and Irvin Dietle, Sr. Lannie is Roy's son, and Irvin and Alma are Roy's parents.

The next photo shows the steep pasture just northeast of the Larimer Township barn of Irvin Dietle, Sr. the northeast corner of the barn is visible at the left-hand edge of the photo.

Left to right, this photo shows Estalene (Korns) Dietle and her children Dana Doreen Dietle and Lannie Laroy Deitle.

The next photo was taken in the living room of Irvin and Alma Dietle's Larimer Township farmhouse, looking at the southeast corner of the house. Alma is the woman leaning over on the left. The dark-haired girl between Alma and the blond-headed-girl is Judy Dietle, daughter of Alma's son Luther "Bud" Dietle. The woman at the lower right-hand corner of the photo is Loreen Dietle, wife of Luther and mother of Judy. Toddler Dana Doreen Dietle is sitting on her mother Estalene Dietle's lap opening a Christmas present, and Dana's brother Lannie Dietle (me) is watching from the far end of the davenport. I am not sure who the blond-headed girl is, but it is probably Judy's younger sister Kay.

Left to right, this photo shows Irvin Dietle, Sr., his neighbor Jerry Saylor, Lannie Dietle, and Lannie's father Roy Dietle. Lannie and Roy are playing a game of Chinese Checkers. I do not recognize the house, and neither does my cousin Linda, who is a granddaughter of Jerry Saylor and Irvin Dietle, Sr.

Left to right, this photo shows Luther "Bud" Dietle, Irvin Dietle, Sr., and Roy Dietle. The building on the left is Irvin's chicken coop, and the building on the right is Irvin's barn. This end of lower part of the barn housed a sleigh and carriage that to me seemed to still be in excellent condition. Irvin Dietle and his family moved to this farm cross-country in a sleigh. Irvin was the father of Luther and Roy.

Left to right, the following photo shows Roy Dietle and his youngest brother Ralph.

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