Somerset County Dietle children

Irvin Dietle's son Ralph and several grandchildren
This photo was taken on the sidewalk that ran along the driveway between the farmhouse and barn of Irvin Henry Dietle's Larimer Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania farm. The boy in the back is Ralph Dietle, who is Irvin and Alma Dietle's youngest son. The three children in the front row are grandchildren of Irvin Dietle. The girl on the left appears to be Sandy Dietle, the oldest daughter of Irvin Dietle, Jr. and his wife Patricia. The boy in the middle is Lannie Dietle (me), son of Roy and Estalene Dietle, who was born August 23, 1953. Based on his apparent age in this picture, the picture was probably taken in 1954. The girl on the right is Linda Saylor, who is the oldest daughter of Irving and Julia (Dietle) Saylor.

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