Korns School, Southampton Township

Korns School, Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA.

The photo above, showing the Korns school for the 1953-54 school year, was reproduced from volume one of the 2005 book "A Look At Southampton Township Pennsylvania The Way It Used To Be!", with permission of the author.

1955 photo of the Korns School.

This 1955 photo (above) shows the Korns school, which was located at the bottom of the incredibly steep "Schoolhouse Hill" road (since modified) on the Allen Korns family farm in Southampton Township, Somerset County. The car is probably the blue 1949 Ford of Allen Korns. All that is left of the school now (in 2008) is the steps, which have been moved from the original location.

Once when I was a kid I was driving up the Schoolhouse Hill in an old dump truck full of grain when the truck ran out of gas. The hill was so steep that I couldn't leave the truck or else it would roll backwards, so I had to sit there with my foot clamped on the brakes until someone noticed me and came to help (boy did that leg ache after awhile). The grade of the hill has since been modified to make it less dangerous.

Below are two additional photos of the Korns School, date unknown. If I remember correctly, I was told that these three photocopies of photos were copied from a notebook at the Somerset Historical Society (I don't remember who sent the photocopies to me). The 2007 book "A Look at Southampton Township Pennsylvania" Volume II by Roger and Mona Huffman, states that John Kennel owned the 1955 Dodge school bus that is shown in one of the pictures, and indicates that the bus was used to take students to the Korns School and the Kennel's Mills School, and then later was used to take students to the Wellersburg School. Click here to see a 1915 map that shows the location of the Korns School. Photo of the Korns School with school bus.

Photo of the Korns School with an old car.

The image below is from the 1876 Beers "Atlas of Somerset County, Penn.". It shows the location of the Korns School on the farm of Daniel Korns, Jr., and proves that the school was already in use in 1876.

Map to Korns School, Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA

Page 6 of Roger and Mona Huffman's 2007 book "A Look At Southampton Township Pennsylvania", Volume II indicates that Miss Margaret Miller (who later became Mrs. J. Elmer Lepley) began teaching at the Korns school on September 13, 1909. The information was credited to clippings collected by Charles Burkett and Stella (Emerick) Shroyer. Page 42 of the same book indicates that Lewis H. Korns, the son of Emanuel and Katherine (Comp) Korns was a teacher at the Korns School in the early 1900's, and earned $22.00 per month. Page 47 of the same book indicates that in 1904 Carrie C. Shirey was the teacher, and shows that her picture was included on the 1904 school souvenir roster. John, Earl and Nevin Korns are listed on the 1904 roster as students, and Emanuel Korns is listed as a member of the school board.

Korns School Class Photos

  • Korns School, Class of 1906-07

  • Korns School, Class of 1923-24

  • Korns School, Class of 1935-36 or 1939-1940

  • 1904 Korns School Souvenir, Southampton Township

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