Basement stairs in the Korns farmhouse, Southampton Township, Somerset County.

Basement stairs in the Korns family farmhouse

This 2008 photo was taken in the basement of the currently uninhabited 19th century Southampton Township, Somerset County family farmhouse that belonged to Daniel Korns, Jr., then to John Wilson Korns, then to Allen Korns. The photo shows the eastern set of basement stairs.

The stairs are constructed with round-headed wire nails that were not used in the United States until circa 1883. The vertical props that prop up the main structural beams adjacent to the stairs were cut with a circular saw. It appears as if this set of stairs may be an addition, because of the circular saw marks, and because the size of the vertical props does not match the general scale used in other structural members. I suspect that this stairway was cut through the structural beams, and is not part of the original plan of the house. When my mother visited here in 2009, she told me that her mother (Gladys Edna) told her there used to be a wall on the left-hand side of these basement stairs.

Although the door isn't especially clear in this photo, it appears to have the nailed in place molding around the panels that wasn't used until after circa 1830.

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