Basement view in the Korns farmhouse, Southampton Township, Somerset County.

Basement view in the Korns family farmhouse

This 2008 photo shows a view in the basement of the now-uninhabited 19th century Southampton Township, Somerset County family farmhouse that belonged to Daniel Korns, Jr., then to John Wilson Korns, then to Allen Korns. This is the southeast corner of the basement. The beams supporting the first story floor are de-barked logs that have been flattened on the top to receive the floorboards. The floorboards were clearly cut with a reciprocating saw, rather than a circular saw. A heavy hook is pounded into one of the beams for hanging lanterns, carcasses during butchering, etc. In the background, a hog scraper sits on a shelf. Copper plumbing and electric wiring can also be seen. A timber leaning against the wall was cut with a circular saw, probably right on the farm, which had a belt driven sawmill.

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