Attic stairs (looking  down) in the Korns farmhouse, Southampton Township, Somerset County.
Wall detail from the attic stairs in the Korns farmhouse, Southampton Township, Somerset County.

Attic stairs in the Korns family farmhouse

These 2008 photos show the attic stairs area in the uninhabited 19th century Southampton Township, Somerset County family farmhouse that belonged to Daniel Korns, Jr., then to John Wilson Korns, then to Allen Korns.

The top photo is taken looking down the stairs, which entered into a small toilet area. The floor boards at the top of the stairs are retained with machine-made nails that have large round heads. As a child, I spent many delightful hours up here, reading the old National Geographic and Popular Science magazines that were stacked there. Note that this area was semi-finished, with wallpaper on the east wall, and paint.

The lower photo shows a stairwell wall detail that includes a portion of a rough-hewn structural beam from the east wall of the house. This beam may have possibly been reused from an earlier structure, because there is a hole for a wooden pin, and what appears to be a patched square mortise. One possibility is that it is a salvaged beam from an earlier structure. Another possibility is that the stairway was a modification to the original house, and some structure had to be removed when the stairway was added. Note that reciprocating saw marks can be seen on the front of one of the stairs.

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