Upstairs bedroom door, Korns farmhouse, Southampton Township, Somerset County.
Upstairs bedroom , Korns farmhouse, Southampton Township, Somerset County.

Upstairs bedroom door, Korns family farmhouse

The upper photo, taken in 2008, shows an upstairs bedroom door in the now-uninhabited 19th century Southampton Township, Somerset County family farmhouse that belonged to Daniel Korns, Jr., then to John Wilson Korns, then to Allen Korns. The door has the traditional six panel Bible & Cross construction. This photograph was taken facing west, into the central upstairs bedroom. Click here to see the other side of this bedroom door, and click here to look in the opposite direction through the same doorway.

In the above photo, the doorway on the left is to the upstairs toilet. A door on the left side of the small toilet closet leads to the attic. The area where this photo was taken is at the top of the central stairway. Looking through the doorway into the room beyond, the white door on the left led onto the upstairs deck of the double-decker porch. This area of the photo is enlarged and brightened in the second photo.

The house was used for misc. storage for a time after it became was abandoned as a residence. I don't see the mess left over in an abandoned house--I see things like boys having a pillow fight, for example. For another example, I just now remembered that about 50 years ago as a small boy I was standing in about the same place I was when I took this picture when I first learned that not everyone wore homemade boxer shorts. Now how in the world does the mind work, when a photo can bring back a trivial memory from so long ago?

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