Door from dining room, Korns farmhouse, Southampton Township, Somerset County.
Door latch on hallway door.

Door panel on hallway door.

Door from dining room, Korns family farmhouse

This 2008 photo shows a door on the west wall of the "dining room" in the now-uninhabited 19th century Southampton Township, Somerset County family farmhouse that belonged to Daniel Korns, Jr., then to John Wilson Korns, then to Allen Korns.The door is to a hallway that goes through to the living room. A small bathroom and the cellar stairs are on the left of this hallway. The downstairs bathroom (toilet and sink) was added circa the late 1960's or early 1970's, due to Allen's disabling Parkinson's disease. The modern doorknob on the left is to the downstairs bathroom.

Note the thumb latch on the white door. The white door appears to have nailed-on trim (trim is higher than door frame) that indicates that this is a post-1830 door. The blue door is clearly a more modern door, compared to the white door.

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