Carl Korn Last Will and Testament

NOTE: this Korn family genealogy information was copied from Chapter I of the book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania" by Charles Byron Korns, Sr. , M.D. (Berlin Publishing Company, Berlin, Pennsylvania, 1949).

Korn family


Copied from the original May 17, 1933, at the Berks County Court House. Translated.

"In the name of God, Amen. I, Carl Korn, residing in Maxethany Township, Berks County, in the state of Pennsylvaina, am dreadfully sick and weak, but thank God, (I) am in sound mind and good power of reflection and in good judgement, have seriously considered my last Will and Testament which I make, namely, First, it is my will and desire that all my debts should be faithfully paid after my death; Further, it is my will and desire that after all my debts have been paid and something should remain from my possessions that my wife Otilia Korn should exercise power and possession until death so that my small children may be reared therefrom, above this it is my desire that (my possession) over the Blue Mountains (or Hills) which I have in hand, if my heirs gain right to it, shall be sold, or it shall be divided equally and if sold the money shall be divided among them equally after my death; Lastly, it is my will and testament that my wife and friend, Henry Keisser shall be executors and guardians over my estate and children, and this will do, I, Carl Korn, acknowledge as my last will and testament, and no other, and attest to this by affixing my hand and seal this 4th day of April, anno Domino 1777.

(Carl Korn) (Seal)

Sealed and signed by me, Carl Korn, in the presence of the undersigned witnesses

Peter Braun

Nicolaus Hermany

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