Cumberland City and Allegany County Directory 1895-96

These pages from Bell Publishing Company's "Cumberland City and Allegany County Directory 1895-96." show Christianna Korns as the widow of Henry Korns, William C. Korns as an agent of the Adams Express Co., George H. Korns as a clerk, and Jesse Korns as a weighmaster.
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    George H. Korns
    The 1900 census of Cumberland City, Allegany County, Maryland lists a George H. Korns, born in December 1855. His wife Fannie was born in May, 1861. The children listed in the census are a stepson Howard E. Chaney born June, 1882, a daughter Nellie S. born July 1884, a daughter Amelia born March, 1886, a son George born November, 1887, a stepson Walter L. Chaney, born April, 1888, a son Jessie born July, 1889, a daughter Lizzie born February 1890, a daughter Pearl S. born September 1890, and a daughter Lillie E. born September, 1895. Some of the births appear too close together, and seem difficult to believe. The dates may be mistaken, or may represent adoption.

    A June 2015 internet auction had a miniature religious book with the name of Pearl Korns written in it. This book may have belonged to Pearl S. Korns, daughter of George H. Korns. The little hardbound book measures 2.25" by 2.50", is cloth bound with a stamped gilt title, and has 192 pages that include Bible tales for children, and woodcut illustrations.

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