A Barrelville-area millstone production tradition

A number of bits of information suggest that millstones were cut upon Piney Mountain, south of Barrelville, Maryland:

  • Local area resident Mr. F. B. told Mke McKenzie that he remembers seeing a broken millstone up on Piney mountain, and he told Mike that millstones were made somewhere up there. In 2010 Mike asked his dad about Millstone Hill. His father did not know about Millstone Hill, but did he remember having seen a millstone laying in some rocks above Barrelville, in the vicinity of millstone run during a Fox Hunt.
  • In 1807, Jacob Korn had a 44-1/4 tract of land called Millstone Hill. To see an 1842 map that shows enough of the outline of the 1807 tract to identify the tract location as being immediately south of Barrelville, click here. Jacob Korn was a skilled mechanic who had mills near Wellersburg PA, and an early blacksmithing shop in Holmes County, Ohio. An 1805 Southampton Township tax list, given on page 578 of the 1884 book "History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties Pennsylvania", lists Jacob Korn with a "mill and sawmill". The same page also states "The first gristmill in Southampton township was built by Jacob Korns, where Wellersburg now is, about the year 1809.". The 1809 date appears to be wrong, because the tax list documents Jacob as already having a mill in Southampton township in 1805. Information on Jacob Korn is given on page 78 of the book "Holmes County Historical Sketches" by the Holmes County Historical Society. It describes Jacob Korn as being one of several German mechanics who came to the Berlin, Ohio area from Pennsylvania, credits him with having the first blacksmith shop in the area, and describes him as being a "jack-of-all-trades", whose work was in high demand. The Ohio book indicates that one of his skills was making the metal parts for gristmills. Given his "jack-of-all-trades" character and his involvement in mill construction, Jacob Korn may have even been involved in some way with millstone production on Piney Mountain (this possible involvement is pure speculation at this point in time, 203 years later).
  • The mining map below identifies the stream coming down off of Piney Mountain toward Barrelville as being named "Millstone Run".

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