Barrells Purchase

The documents on this page are from Allegany Couny, Maryland Patented Certificate 212, which documents the 1418 5/8 acre, May 16, 1840 resurvey of "Samuel B. Barrell of the City of Boston in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts". This was known as "Barrells Purchase". Click here to see an 1818 publication that Mike found regarding a Joseph Barrell of Massachusetts who died in 1804, and his son Samuel b. Barrell; Mike suspects that this may be the Barrelville-area Samuel who bought up so much local property. The document, which was written by Benjamin Joy, is titled "A true statement of facts, in reply to a pamphlet lately published by Messrs. Charles Barrell, Henry F. Barrell, George Barrell, and Samuel B. Barrell".

The numbered lot 3350 is where Barrelville, Maryland is located today. The map tells us where the tracts known as Whetsone Hill, Crinisus, Rushy Run, Hornet's Nest, In Between, Water Works, Cooks Venture, and Corns Addition were located next to the numbered lots from Deakin's Survey, such as lot 3350.

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