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This Korns website covers Carl Korn family history and other Korns history. Carl settled in Maxatawney Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Carl's son Daniel Korn settled in Lehigh County, PA. Carl's son Michael Korn settled in Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA near Wellersburg. Michael Korns' Descendants settled in Somerset County, PA, Holmes County, Ohio and across the United States.

This is an older, partial index to pages on this website. It was the original main index, and I have kept it around only because it has links to a small amount of information that has been organized by family (see links immediately below). The logical family-based organization of the massive amount of material on the website remains one of the biggest unresolved challenges on Korns.org. For a more comprehensive index to the material on this website, visit the master index.

Materials identified with specific Korns family groups:

Michael & Anna Elizabetha (Huy) Korns of Erbes-Budesheim, Hessen

Michael: Carl and Otilla Korn of Berks County, Pennsylvania

Michael, Carl: Catherine Korn, who married Christian Hoyman

Michael, Carl: Charles Korn, Jr.


Michael, Carl: Michael and Susanna Korns of Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA

Michael, Carl, Michael: Daniel Korns, born 1782, married Elizabeth Reiber

Michael, Carl, Michael, Daniel: Hanna Korns

Michael, Carl, Michael, Daniel: Jacob Korns

Michael, Carl, Michael, Daniel: Daniel and Caroline (Tressler) Korns, Jr.

Michael, Carl, Michael, Daniel, Daniel: John Wilson ("Wilse") and Mary Elizabeth (Geiger) Korns

Michael, Carl, Michael, Daniel, Daniel, John Wilson: Earl and Ella (Lepley) Korns

Michael, Carl, Michael, Daniel, Daniel, John Wilson, Earl: Lester Korns

Michael, Carl, Michael, Daniel, Daniel, John Wilson, Earl: Lucretia (Korns) Sturtz

Michael, Carl, Michael, Daniel, Daniel, John Wilson: Nevin Korns

Michael, Carl, Michael, Daniel, Daniel, John Wilson: Allen and Gladys (Bittner) Korns

Michael, Carl, Michael, Daniel, Daniel, John Wilson, Allen: Melvin and Dolores (Shaffer) Korns

Michael, Carl, Michael, Daniel, Daniel, John Wilson, Allen: Luther Korns

Michael, Carl, Michael, Daniel, Daniel, John Wilson, Allen: Estalene (Korns) Dietle & Roy Dietle

Michael, Carl, Michael, Daniel, Daniel, John Wilson, Allen: Alvin Lee Korns

Michael, Carl, Michael, Daniel: Solomon Korns, who married Mary Elizabeth Finck

Michael, Carl, Michael, Daniel, Solomon: William Henry Korns, who married Roberta Stalcup

Michael, Carl, Michael, Daniel: John Korns

Michael, Carl, Michael, Daniel: Susanna Korns, wife of Samuel Gaumer

Michael, Carl, Michael, Daniel: Catherine Korns, wife of Joseph Lepley

Michael, Carl, Michael, Daniel: Elizabeth Korns, wife of Daniel Gaumer

Michael, Carl, Michael, Daniel: Mary Korns, married Shaffer, Dom, and Morgan


Michael, Carl, Michael: Catherine Korns, born 1783, Married Jacob Knieriem


Michael, Carl, Michael: Mary Korns, born 1785, married John Beal


Michael, Carl, Michael: John Korns, born 1787, married Rebecca Boucher, Susan Kendall


Michael, Carl, Michael: Susan(na) Korns, born 1789, married John Shearer/Shaver


Michael, Carl, Michael: Rebecca Korns, born 1791, married John Witt (donated by Neal Carter, 595 KB pdf)

Michael, Carl, Michael, Rebecca: John G. and Rebecca (Shaffer) Witt, Wellersburg, PA


Michael, Carl, Michael: Charles Korns, born 1793, married Catherine Uhl

Michael, Carl, Michael, Charles: Charles Korns, Jr. who married Anna Elizabeth Knight

Michael, Carl, Michael, Charles, Charles: Edward F. Korns, who married Fannie Beatty

Michael, Carl, Michael, Charles, Charles, Edward: Dr. Horace M. Korns of Iowa City, Iowa

Michael, Carl, Michael, Charles: Silas Wright Korns, who married Ann Amanda Witcraft

Michael, Carl, Michael, Charles, Silas: Joseph Alexander Korns who married Ethel Viola Williams

Michael, Carl, Michael, Charles, Silas, Joseph: John Hamilton Korns, M.D., who married Bessie Lee Pennywitt


Michael, Carl, Michael: Christina Korns, born 1796, married William Troutman, Jr.


Michael, Carl, Michael: Barbara Korns, born 1797, married Charles Uhl


Michael, Carl, Michael: Delila Korns, born 1801, married John Miller


Michael, Carl, Michael: Michael Korns, Jr., born 1803, married Johanna Lepley

Michael, Carl, Michael, Michael: Nancy (Korns) Maurer

Michael, Carl, Michael, Michael, Edmund L., Ernest E.: William Robert Korns


Michael, Carl, Michael: William Korns, born 1806, married Elizabeth Hoyman

Michael, Carl, Michael, William: Joseph Korns, son of William

Michael, Carl, Michael, William: Levi Korns of Solano County, California, son of William

Michael, Carl, Michael, William: William Korns of Millersville, Ohio, 16th O.V.I.


Michael, Carl: Jacob Korn, who moved to Holmes County, Ohio

Michael, Carl, Jacob: Charles Korns, New Philadelphia, Ohio, married Catherine Minnich

Michael, Carl, Jacob, Charles: Cecilia Korns, daughter of Charles Korns

Michael, Carl, Jacob, Charles: Captain Daniel Korns of New Philadelphia, Ohio

Michael, Carl, Jacob, Charles, Daniel: Wilson Allen Korns, son of Captain Daniel Korns

Michael, Carl, Jacob, Charles: Henry Korns

Michael, Carl, Jacob, Charles, Henry: Edwin F. Korns, newspaperman


Michael, Carl: Daniel Korn of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania


Michael, Carl: Henry Korn of Cumberland, Maryland

Michael, Carl, Henry: Jesse Korns of Cumberland, Maryland


Michael, Carl: Magdalena Korn

Miscellaneous Korns family materials:

  • Solomon Korns signature in the 1845 Southampton Township Tavern Petition of Jacob Knuff

  • Old books inscribed with with Korns names

  • Somerset County Korns family traditions

  • Korns tombstones in the Cook Cemetery near Wellersburg PA

  • Mountain School cards (Emanuel Korns, Director)

  • Emanuel Korns in the 1880 census of Somerset County

  • Korns related pages from 1884 Somerset Co. history book

  • Map of Korns District in Southampton Township from 1876 atlas

  • Korns in Lowdermilk's 1878 "History of Cumberland"

  • Korns-related patents

  • Jean Harlow (Harlean Carpenter) Korns descendant

  • Korns genealogy index, Tama County, Iowa

  • Poweshiek County Iowa Korns family materials

  • Congregational Church built on Jacob Korns farm, 1875

  • Old Korns-related obituaries from the Cumberland Times

  • The Tuscarawas County, Ohio Infirmary

  • 1876 map of Alexander & Simon Korns farms, Jenner Township

  • 1930 & 1932 political cards of Charles B. Korns, Sipesville PA

  • Alexander Korns, Director of the Poor, Somerset County PA, 1880

  • Charles Korns & John M. Korns

  • Korns in the 'Cumberland City and Allegany County Directory 1895-96.'

  • Korns Genealogy Letters from Dick & Virginia Korns, Kettering, Ohio (361 KB PDF)

  • Korns family info from the 1882 book "History of Western Maryland"

  • William C. Kornes, JP, Cumberland, Maryland, from the Maryland Manual

  • Korns in 1872 Allegany County MD tax list (678KB PDF)

  • Korns-related messages from the old message board

  • Rachael Weyer vs Henry Korns Allegany County, MD court document, 1846

  • Some descendants of Silas Alvin Korns and Roselda Torrence

  • Boyhood photo of Merle Korns

  • Mahlon and Sherman Korns, sons of Jacob Korns

  • 1926 report cards of Merle and James Korns, Kennels Mills School

  • Photo of Merle and James Korns

  • Lois (Emerick) Korns, wife of James Korns

  • J. Roderic Korns, western historian

  • Edmund L. Korns, Fifth Artillery, US Civil War

  • Edmund L. Korns, Battery D, Fifth Artillery, US Civil War

  • Charles Harvey Korns, Bradford Principal, circa 1914

  • Photo of Martha Jane (Uhl) McClelland

  • Landwher & Korns (lumber company) cameo envelope, Cumberland, MD

  • Unknown hunting party from Merle Korns' scrap book

  • Index to Korns-related Allegany County MD Deeds

  • Virgil Eben Korns, 1920 "Lucky Bag", US Naval Academy (3262KB)

  • Ruth Little Palmer, 1906 (2559KB PDF)

  • Monroe Lutheran Church and Cemetery, Holmes County, Ohio (7132 KB PDF)

  • A family tribute to Virginia Havens Korns (5182 KB PDF.

  • Obituary of Virginia Havens Korns (42 KB PDF.

  • John Korns donates Wellersburg property to church in 1814

  • Photo of seven children of William Korns

  • Michael and Caroline Korns of Fayette County

  • 1994 letter from Rosemary Wade on Knieriem branch

  • Henry Korns Family History, Volume 1 by William Bauman, 2012.

  • Descendants of John Calvin Korns (Also see "J. Calvin", page 230 of the Korns book.)

  • Early Allegany County, Maryland land ownership by Henry, Jacob, and John Korns.

  • Henry and Rebecca (Korns) Hertzler

  • Korns in 1860 'Ohio State Gazetteer and Business Directory'

  • Korns in the January 1, 1903 "Individual and Business Directory of Somerset County, Pa."

  • Korns families in the 1820 census of Southampton Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

  • History of the Corn Families U.S.A. (27,002 KB pdf book)

  • The double Korns ancestry of Herman Sturtz

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